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Continuing Care & Discharge Planning

Discharge planning includes arrangements for home health care, placement in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes, and home medical supplies. Our continuing care staff will be working with your other care providers at the time of admission to prepare for your discharge.  If you have questions or concerns about how you will manage your care at home, ask your doctor or nurse to arrange a meeting with one of the medical center’s social workers.   

Upon leaving the hospital, your doctor will work with hospital staff and professionals in your community along with you and your family in order to continue your care. As long as you agree that we can share information about your care with them, we will coordinate our activities with your caregivers outside of the hospital. In addition, you can expect to receive information, and where possible, training about the self-care you will need when you go home. The success of your treatment often depends on your efforts to follow medication, diet, and therapy plans.

If you have any questions please contact the Continuing Care Manager at 910-592-8511.