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Lower your out-of-pocket expense with MDsave

SampsonRMC and MDsave partner to lower your out-of-pocket health expenses on select procedures.

Individuals that have no health insurance or a high-deductible plan can benefit from purchasing select procedures online in advance of their appointment. Receive savings up to 60% and an all-inclusive procedure price on outpatient services when purchasing your procedure online at MDsave.    

How it Works

  1. Receive an order from your provider.
  2. Visit for a list of available procedures at SampsonRMC.
  3. Select your procedure online for purchase or by calling 844.299.1353
  4. Follow scheduling instructions for your provider. 
  5. Bring your voucher as proof of payment.

Current list of sample specialties offered by SampsonRMC.

Imaging & Radiology

Nuclear Medicine

Outpatient Therapy