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Patient Financial Services

Part of our mission as a community, non-profit hospital is to provide access to quality care for all patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Some patients who have difficulty paying for healthcare services may be eligible for Financial Assistance.

Guidelines to be considered for financial assistance:

  • Must be a resident of Sampson County or arrive to the hospital by EMS
  • Cannot be covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid or TriCare
  • Cannot have declined to participate in health coverage sponsored by your employer.

Guidelines for determining level of financial assistance:

Sampson Regional uses the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) as the basis for Financial Assistance.  Full assistance is provided for patients with household income up to 125% of FPG and partial assistance up to 250% of FPG.


   A family of 2 with a combined household income of $21,775 will receive full assistance.

   A family of 2 with a combined household income of $43,550 will receive partial assistance.

   A family of 4 with a combined household income of $33,125 will receive full assistance.

   A family of 4 with a combined household income of $66,250 will receive partial assistance.

Medical Expenses Eligible for Financial Assistance:

Financial Assistance may be used to reduce balances owed after all insurance or other financial benefits have been applied to the patient’s account.

Financial Assistance applies to:

  • Medically necessary treatment for inpatient or outpatient care, emergency room visits, or surgical services
  • Physician or provider services at Sampson Regional’s medical practices
  • Balances after insurance payment  (Note: Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and TriCare are excluded.)

Services Covered by the Patient Financial Assistance Program:

Our commitment to care for patients without consideration of their ability to pay applies to treatment that is medically necessary and provided through the following services that are included as part of the Sampson Regional health system:

Hospital Inpatient care

Hospital Outpatient care

Sampson Home Health

Sampson Regional Emergency Professional Services

                ER Providers

Sampson Regional Hospitalists

                Inpatient Physician Care

Sampson Regional Medical Services


Sampson Regional Professional Services

                Carolina Pain Center      

                Clinton Urgent Care

                Howerton Family Medicine

                Sampson Medical Group

                Sampson Surgical Services          

                Sampson Women’s Center

                Dr. Albert Verrilli

How to apply:

Our Financial Counselors are available onsite or by phone to help you understand your options or to assist you in applying for Financial Assistance.  The application is available online or can be picked up from the hospital’s Business Office, located at 612 Beaman Street, Clinton, or any Sampson Regional facility.  We are happy to mail applications by request.  For more information, please contact our Patient Financial Services Team at 910-590-8751.

Additional Options for Payment Assistance:

Not all patients will meet guidelines to receive Financial Assistance. Sampson Regional offers several options for patients who need to make payment arrangements on account balances.  For more information, contact the Business Office at 910-590-8751.