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Student Opportunities

Welcome!  We're glad you're interested in learning opportunities at Sampson Regional Medical Center (SampsonRMC).  If you are interested in scheduling student job shadowing, observation, internships, or student tours, please select the appropriate request form below and return it to the sponsoring department.

It is the policy of SampsonRMC to foster student involvement in the healthcare industry. Our first priority is the care and safety of our patients; therefore, it is the expectation that students and staff strictly adhere to our student policies.  Prospective students will only be allowed to participate at SampsonRMC if they follow the appropriate procedures. Human Resources has ultimate authority on approving or denying student access to SampsonRMC based on the information supplied.

Types of Students

Our organization recognizes three types of students:  Sponsored, Independent, and Group Tour.  Click the following student type that best describes the experience you are requesting to download a request form.

Sponsored Student is a student who is part of a formal professional education curriculum.  These students' sponsoring organization will have a contract with Sampson Regional Medical Center which clearly defines their capacity to interact with patients and their required supervision.

An Independent Student must have an educational purpose.  They will serve strictly in an observatory capacity in regards to our patients' care.

Group Students are students who have an educational purpose and are presenting to SampsonRMC for one group tour activity.  They will serve in an observatory capacity and must remain in public areas of the hospital.