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Childbirth Education

Pregnancy Preparedness Program

Preparing for a baby is hard, being prepared for your delivery is easy with Sampson Regional Medical Center’s Pregnancy Preparedness Program.  Our program is designed to provide you with information about what to expect during pregnancy and childbirth.  It includes both an Early Pregnancy Education Class for 1st and 2nd trimester and a Childbirth Class for 3rd trimester.  

Early Pregnancy Education classes are designed for both first-timers and experienced mothers seeking a refresher course during their first two trimesters of pregnancy.  These classes focus on your body, your health and your growing baby.  The Childbirth classes provide information regarding birth plans, labor and delivery, post-partum and newborn care.  They are recommended for women after their 30th week of pregnancy.

Our goal is to help you be healthy and prepared throughout your pregnancy and at the time of your delivery. 

For more information about upcoming classes please call 910-592-8511 x8888.