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Graduate Medical Education


Family Medicine Residency

About the Program

Sampson Regional's Family Medicine Residency is designed to offer a comprehensive program that provides clinical, procedural, and didactic education in both the inpatient and outpatient settings to help residents become competent, proficient, and professional physicians.

At Sampson Regional, it is our mission to develop residents clinical knowledge and procedural skills to equip them to confidently practice family medicine in any clinical setting. Our faculty and staff are committed to providing comprehensive educational experiences allowing residents to become community physicians and leaders shaping the future of healthcare.

Our three year, ACGME- accredited program provides residents unopposed access to training in a community-based hospital. The approach to education during our residency program focuses on the personalization of training to each residents career goals. Flexibility of the curriculum and unopposed access to clinical experiences in both inpatient and outpatient settings defines the learning experience within our program. We pride ourselves on small class sizes of only 4 residents per class year to allow for more direct and specific mentor opportunities.

Since inception of the family medicine residency program at Sampson Regional, our residents have become an integral component in the health of our community. Residents continue to pursue excellence throughout our community in health advocacy and education.

Sampson Regional is proud to partner with Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine, providing residents with access to an extensive online medical library, support for resident research, and collaborative resident and faculty development. 

Graduates of our program have successfully pursued careers across the United States in emergency medicine, hospitalist positions and traditional outpatient family medicine. The dedication of SampsonRMC staff, faculty and hospital staff is unmatched, all are invested in offering residents the best possible experience possible. 

Salary & Benefit Information

Salaries for Family Medicine Residents

PGY1 - $53,000

PGY2 - $55,000

PGY3 - $57,000

Tiered Annual Stipend

PGY1 - $1,000/year - $500 in July / $500 in January

PGY2 - $2,000/year - $1,000 in July / $1,000 in January

PGY3 - $2,000/year - $1,000 in July / $1,000 in January

Health Insurance & Wellness Benefits

SampsonRMC offers residents full health insurance benefits. Residents have the choice between a traditional PPO Plan and HDPD plan. All benefit plans are effective upon hire date thus there is no waiting period for benefit coverage. To review our current benefits package, click here

As an affiliate of SampsonRMC, The Center for Health + Wellness (TCHW) offers a discounted membership to help residents maintain the delicate balance of a healthy lifestyle. Membership to TCHW becomes complimentary once a resident attends a minimum of 13 times/month for at least 30minutes. 

We are pleased you may have an interest in our program. We encourage you to contact Cheryl Barefoot, Family Medicine Program Coordinator with any questions.