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Sampson Regional Medical Center is among only a handful of independent, community-based hospitals remaining in North Carolina. More than a hopsital, Sampson Regional is a health system of outpatient and professional services-- all committed to excellence in delivering quality healthcare to O U R  C O M M U N I T Y.

Our Foundation supports the health system in fulfilling its mission by funding new equipment, renovations, special projects, and capital investments. Funds are raised through grants, special events, and D O N O R contributions. 

Why have a hospital foundation?
Medical technology and services are ever changing, so we must keep abreast of these changes to provide our community with the best possible healthcare close to home. The Foundation solicits and accepts grants and contributions to carry out the mission of the hospital. The SampsonRMC Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Who governs the SRMC foundation?
The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board, approved by the hospital Board of Trustees, which currently has 18 members representing all areas of Sampson County. The Executive Director is the only employee and is responsible for the activities of the Foundation.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our healthcare heroes have been working tirelessly. With the surge in COVID-19 cases in our community, they are exhausted and are fighting an even bigger battle than in 2020. Emotionally, mentally and physically, patient care teams need support. At times like these, your help is greatly appreciated and can make a huge difference for our community, our patients and their families, and our healthcare team. 

Donation Ideas

There are many ways to support the dedicated healthcare workers who have stepped up to put the health of this community first and foremost - in many cases, above their own families, friends and neighbors. Please consider one of the following options to show your support.

  • Food Donations - to make a food donation, please contact the SampsonRMC Foundation Office at (910) 596-4269 or by emailing Please note all food donations must be from a licensed kitchen such as a caterer or restaurant. 

  • Grocery Gift Cards - 'Stock the Fridge' in patient care areas. All units have a staff fridge. Donate grocery gift cards to stock their fridge with snacks, treats and meals. 

  • 'CraveBox' or Snack Box​ - purchase curated snack boxes with individually packaged snacks from Amazon. 

  • Snacks - individual pre-packaged snacks for Snack Buckets in clinical departments. (ex: bags of chips, pretzels, protein bars, granola bars, peanut butter cups, breakfast bars, nuts, candy, bottled water, mini soda bottles with lid, flavored water packets, etc.)

  • Local Gift Cards / Coupons 

  • Monetary Donations - to be used for all the above suggestions. 

SampsonRMC Foundation 

Please consider making a gift to the SampsonRMC Foundation today. Monetary gifts can be made online below. Thank you for your generosity. 

If dropping off donations, please coordinate with SampsonRMC Foundation Office (910) 596-4269 or by emailing

If mailing donations, please send to:
Attn: Foundation 
607 Beaman Street
Clinton, NC 28328

Other Ways to Show Support to Healthcare Heroes

  • Help with household maintenance such as mowing lawn, trimming bushes, taking trash cans to end of driveway, etc. 
  • Offer help with childcare and carpooling
  • Plan a meal train 
  • Send a greeting card
  • Give healthcare workers a social-media shoutout
  • Donate blood