Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a special area in the hospital designed for patients requiring constant observation or specialized medical and nursing care.  The unit is equipped with life-saving and life-sustaining equipment necessary for the provision of such services. Our medical and nursing staff work closely together to ensure the best possible care of patients admitted to the unit. 

In order to provide the best quality of care to our patients, we ask you to observe certain guidelines. 

Visitation Guidelines 
We realize that having friends and family close by during a patient’s hospitalization is important.  We also know that rest is an important part of hospital care.  We recommend limited visitation but allow the patient’s discretion in receiving visitors.  We ask that you follow the guidelines listed below.

Visitation Hours:
10:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

Children under the age of 12 are discouraged.  This restriction is necessary for several reasons, including infection control and safety concerns for the patient and the child.
Please understand that there are times when visitation is restricted based on the patient's needs.  If this situation occurs, we ask for your understanding so that we can focus on delivering the best level of care to your loved one.  We will notify you when visiting restrictions change for your patient. 

We appreciate your involvement in the care of your loved one and thank you for assisting our staff in meeting the needs of your patient. 

Patient Condition Reports 
You may call the hospital operator at 910-592-8511 to receive a condition report on your patient at any time. 
To honor our patients' privacy & protect confidential patient information, a patient information code will be created upon admission to the hospital.  Any visitors requesting more information than the status (i.e. stable, fair, critical) will be asked to provide this personal patient information code.

Telephone Calls

If the patient is able to receive calls, you may dial directly to their room by calling our automated attendant at 910-590-8799.  Once prompted enter 8 + room number. 

Family Waiting Areas

A designated waiting area for families of intensive care patients is located on the 2nd floor, just around the corner from the unit.  We invite you to use this comfortable area where you can watch tv, read a magazine, or rest while still being near your patient. 
An intercom system in the ICU is connected to the waiting area, which allows the nursing staff to communicate with the families if they are needed between visiting hours.

lowers, Candy, and Gifts
We ask that you consult the nursing staff before bringing flowers, balloons, or gifts to patients located in ICU; however, cards are welcomed and encouraged.  Please do not bring candy or food, as most often ICU patients are on restricted diets. 

For questions or concerns, please contact Laurie Smith, MSN, R.N., Director of Critical Care Services.