Group Fitness




Group Fitness Classes

We offer a wide array of group fitness classes, whether you like the traditional aerobic classes, yoga, water exercises, spinning or dance we have a class that will meet your needs. Classes are included in your monthly membership dues so take advantage of all that we have to offer. Some of the classes that we offer include:

Land Classes

Cardio/Strength - A full hour of a variety of cardio & strength!  A variety of formats—step, hi/lo, bands, balls, bars, weights—keep it fun.  High intensity

Cardio/Strength/Core - add 30 minutes more of core training to the already challenging Cardio/Strength.  High intensity

Step - Challenging cardio class—choreographed on the bench.  High intensity

Fat Burner - Moderate intensity, a fun and fast-paced variety of cardio and strength moves

Yoga - Increases flexibility and strength - and soothes your soul.  Low intensity

Strength-n-tone - it’s intense strength training with some cardio work for real results. We’ll use weights, bands, bars, and balls.

Zumba - Easy-to-follow Latin–type dance steps.  Fun and addictive! Moderate Intensity

Zumba Gold - is a little slower paced!  Low intensity

Line Dancing - Easy-to-follow dances that you know and love.  Low Intensity

Cardio-FIT - High intensity, full body workout, only the strong survive!

 SPIN - A high energy, non-impact indoor bicycle ride – integrates music, camaraderie and fun.

Water Classes

Power Plunge - In the swimming pool - High energy, minimal impact! A great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone - Safe for all fitness levels, swimming skills are not needed.

Warm Water Class - In the warm water therapy pool - Slow, rhythmic movements help improve strength, balance and range of motion. Also helps relieve discomfort caused by hip, knee, or back problems, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Please note free swim times, also.

Community Wellness Programs

At The Center for Health + Wellness we are concerned about our community so we offer wellness programs that are FREE to the public. These programs include: 

Tai-Chi - This class is designed for those who need range of motion, strengthening and stretching exercises. Ideal for arthritis patients and those with limited mobility.

Walk-n-Talk - Come stroll or strut, power walk or march in formation. Join our motivator, indoors on the walking track when the weather is bad and outside when the weather permits.

Health Education Classes - These are educational classes about controlling diabetes, heart healthy living and weight loss for life offered Wednesdays at 9am.