Group Fitness


Group Fitness Classes

We offer a wide array of group fitness classes, whether you like the traditional aerobic classes, yoga, water exercises, spinning or dance we have a class that will meet your needs. Classes are included in your monthly membership dues so take advantage of all that we have to offer. Some of the classes that we offer include:

Land Classes

Balance, Strength and Core - This class can help with all aspects of your day-to-day life by improving your balance, core and muscular strength.  It incorporates weights, bands, balls, and Pilates and Yoga movements.  Appropriate for all ages.

Body Blaster - Come get focused!  Each class we will work on a specific body part.  Lasts about 45 min.

Cardio/Strength - Incorporates a full hour of cardio and strength training exercises using a variety of formats -- step, hi/lo, kickboxing, bands, balls, bars, weights, jump ropes -- keep it fun.  Moderate to High Intensity

Cardio-FIT - A highly effective and intense strength and conditioning workout, utilizing bodyweight, free weights and cardiovascular movements programed in a format similar to those used in CrossFit gyms.  TCHW designed this class to incorporate new and highly popular exercise trends into our programs while ensuring a safe workout environment that promotes proper form and recovery.  Cardio-FIT is recommended for members who are serious about fitness and are determined to see results. 

Deep Stretch - This class will give you the lower body relief you have been looking for.  This is a great for non-runners and runners alike.  It is 30 min of restorative yoga based stretches to keep you injury free and feeling good.

Fat Burner - Moderate intensity, this is a fun and fast-paced variety of cardio and strength moves.

Just Abs - 6 pack anyone?  Get beach ready with this awesome workout.  It is 30 minutes of abdominal work only, so get ready to feel the burn!  Intense

Line Dancing - Enjoy yourself with moves that you know and love.  These easy-to-follow dances will make you wish the class was longer than an hour!  Low Intensity

SPIN - A high energy, intense, indoor bicycle ride that integrates music, camaraderie and fun.  The best part is, it's non-impact, so you will be able to come back for more and more.  Beginners are always welcome, but please show up early for bike set up or call and make an appointment with Nancy for a beginners orientation at your convenience.

Step - A classic!  You'll burn calories and shape your body with lots of varied, but never complex, choreographed moves.  If you are looking for a class that can help increase your strength, lose body fat, and gain cardiovascular endurance then this class is for you!  Moderate to advanced levels of fitness are welcome.  You can do moves without a Step too!  We've got you covered!

Triple Threat - Become a well-rounded fitness guru with this 45 min workout that focuses on Cardio, Strength and Abs - Intense

Yoga - Be a part of a class that is good for your body and mind.  Yoga will increase flexibility, strength and balance as well as soothe your soul.  Low to moderate intensity

Zumba - Come have some fun with these easy-to-follow Latin-type dance steps.  Let the energizing music take you away to an exotic land.  You won't even realize you are working out.  Warning:  It is Fun AND addictive!  Moderate Intensity

Zumba Gold - The same as regular Zumba, but at a slightly slower pace!  Moderate to low intensity

Water Classes

Aqua Boot Camp - Offers a high intensity, athletic approach to water fitness.  Join our instructor every 1st and 3rd Monday at 6:15 pm.  Why sweat when you can just get wet?

Power Plunge - This class offers high energy with minimal impact!  A great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone.  Safe for all fitness levels, swimming skills are not needed.

Warm Water Class - Don't worry about jumping into that cold water!  This class is in the warm water therapy pool and offers a slow, rhythmic movements to help improve strength, balance, and range of motion.  Also helps relieve discomfort caused by hip, knee, or back problems, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  Please note free swim times, also.

Outdoor Run Groups (Weather permitting)

Beginners:  Do not be afraid to join!  This group incorporates running or intervals of running combined with bouts of walking so you can slowly get acclimated to more vigorous runs.

Advanced:  This is recommended for more experienced runners.  Runners are always encouraged to go at your own pace.

These groups are for both members and non-members of The Center for Health + Wellness.

Community Wellness Programs

At The Center for Health + Wellness we are concerned about our community so we offer wellness programs that are FREE to the public.  These programs include:

Health Education Classes - These are educational classes about controlling diabetes, heart healthy living and weight loss for life offered Wednesdays at 9am.

Outdoor Run Groups - Join a leader for The Center for Health + Wellness for an outdoor run (weather permitting).  Run groups are available for both beginner and advanced levels.  Run times vary.

Support Groups - You are not alone, join others on the same journey.  Our supports groups meet monthly covering topics such as diabetes and breast cancer.

Tai-Chi - This class is designed for those who need range of motion, strengthening and stretching exercises.  Ideal for arthritis patients and those with limited mobility.

Walk-n-Talk - Come stroll, strut or power walk on our two lane indoor walking track! 

For a full listing of Community Wellness programs offered by Sampson Regional Medical Center & The Center for Health + Wellness click here.