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Where Runners Go Wrong

This could be the one thing that's holding you back. Is this where your running is going wrong?

Virtual program offers fitness options

August 23, 2018

According to scientific and controlled studies conducted by LesMills, a new virtual program offered at the wellness center, participation in regular exercise yields decreased perceived stress and increased physical, mental and emotional quality of life. In addition, participants of group fitness classes report greater stress reduction and quality of life improvement than those who exercise individually.

Group Exercise is a Winner

A new study into the stress-relieving power of group fitness makes world headlines by proving what many have known all along – there is strength in numbers.


A recent study by Les Mills and Pennsylvania State University found that low weight, high repetition resistance training will increase your bone density. Study participants completed two to three BODYPUMP™ classes per week. The result? They all experienced up to eight per cent bone mineral density increases in their legs, pelvis, arms and spine.

5 Ways to Bounce Back After Holiday Indulgence

No matter how committed you are to a healthy lifestyle, the holiday season always provides plenty of challenges to sticking to your goals. The holiday binge is often inevitable. Temptation is literally at your fingertips and even the strongest of us find it difficult to say “no thanks” to those tasty morsels taunting us on the dinner table.

5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Holidays Healthy

The holiday season can be indulgent in a good way. Spending time with family and friends, celebrating and welcoming in the New Year is a special time. Food usually plays a big role in the much-deserved holiday break, while exercise can often be overlooked.

12 Ways to Find Time to Exercise

When life gets a bit hectic, especially over the holiday period, it is easy to let exercise fall to the wayside. Lack of time is usually the best excuse. However, it is during this busy spell that you should make an effort to fit in regular workouts. We all know exercise is good for us. But did you know that a mere 12 minutes is all you need to fit in a workout that will have you burning calories for hours afterwards?