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Rethink your Workout

We know this is a challenging time for all and can be difficult for individuals who are seeking an outlet to de-stress and re-energize. Many of you want to stay active and maintain your fitness routines, so our staff is working diligently on some great ways to Rethink your Workout!

LesMills On-Demand at Home

To start us off, we are opening up our LesMills virtual content for all of our members and the community to access. This platform offers 95 free LesMills workouts across 8 categories. All the workouts are in English but you should find it easy to follow the visual cues. We promise it won't automatically collect your data and it will remain available as long as the disruption from Coronavirus continues.

We hope you enjoy these free workouts as we navigate this uncertain time. When you visit the website: You can use the drop-down feature to access some of your favorite workouts or to explore all there is to offer. When you are ready to workout, just click on the picture of the workout (ex. BODYPUMP #110 55 min) and the workout will automatically start for you.

Click here to go to LesMills On-Demand at Home

Workout of the Day

Enjoy these at-home workouts provided by our Certified Fitness Specialists.  Let's get STARTED!  For instructional videos, visit our YouTube page.  New workouts added each Monday-Thursday at 6:00 am.

Workout #1

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds then rest for 15 seconds in between exercises. Complete for 5 rounds.

  • Jog in Place Jumping Jacks High Knees Speed Skaters Forward Lunges Lateral Lunges

Workout #2

Complete each of the following circuits for 5 minutes, doing each exercise as many times as possible. Take a 2 to 3-minute rest between circuits.

  • 50 Jump Rope 10 Lunges Each Leg 20 Speed Skaters 20 Thrusters 10 Jump Squats 10 Leg Raises 15 Push Ups 10 Sit-ups 5 Burpees

Workout #3

Complete each of the following exercises for 30 seconds and rest 15 seconds in between exercises.  Complete for 5 rounds.

  • Squats, Frog Jumps, Push-ups, Crunches, Mountain Climbers, Planks

Cooking for Wellness

Join Robin and Sydney, NC Cooperative Extension Agent & TCHW Group Fitness Instructor, as they cook easy and healthy recipes the whole family will enjoy.

Cooking for Wellness can be viewed on TCHW's Facebook page or SampsonRMC's YouTube Channel each Wednesday at 11:00 am.

Recipe #1  Sydney's Stir Fry  Recipe Card  Video

Virtual Personal Training

Need that extra push or just can't figure out how to get started on an exercise plan?  Let our Certified Fitness Specialists work one-on-one, while they design an exercise plan that meets your goals.  All personal training sesions are held via Zoom video conferencing and are scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

Click here to complete our Virtual Personal Training Interest Form to receive additional details.

Journey to Health

It is a journey and a challenge to lead a healthy lifestyle in the best of times.  As we practice social distancing, we are offering Journey to Health, a free community wellness program, LIVE online.  

Journey to Health is a free 8-session program that focuses on changing basic behaviors that will lead you toward a healthier lifestyle and away from obesity.  Learn how to eat smarter and move more in Journey to Health.  Online sessions will be Mondays & Wednesdays, 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm, April 13th-May 6th.

This Journey to Health session will be offered LIVE online via Zoom video conferencing.  Please complete our online registration to receive additional information about this program.

To begin your Journey to a healthier lifestyle with The Center for Health + Wellness click here!  

Rethink Your Workout Videos

It's always easier to workout when you have someone coaching you through the steps, right?  That's why we are making short instructional exercise videos demonstrating how you can still incorporate exercise into your daily routine.   

Join our Group Fitness Instructors in the following videos as they walk you through short workouts you can do alone or with the family.  Check back often as we will continually add new workouts!

Sun Salutation with Sydney

Squats & Lunges with Sydney

Biceps & Triceps with Sydney

Let's Stay Connected

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