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Meet Boga FITMAT!

It's the newest innovation in aquatic fitness that lets you take traditional gym workouts to the water.  Our NEW and unique boards challenge your workout like never before.  This revolutionary floating fitness mat adds a totally unique body workout by creating more focus on core muscle groups and improving balance and coordination.  The harder you work, the more difficult and intense the workout becomes.  

Your best land workout has met its MATch!  Hydro Active classes are now available, featuring the only BOGA Fitmats in our area.  This highly challenging workout takes place in the lap pool on a floating board.  These boards aren't your average floating boards, either.  The technology provides superior durability and stiffness to maximize performance.  Space is limited, so sign up today!


Class Schedule

The current class schedule is available here.

What to Expect

Do you have what it takes to float this new workout?  Should you accept this challenge, here's what to expect:

  • A wet workout! This is an aquatic workout, and while you'll be doing land exercises on the floating mat, you'll have to enter the pool to mount the mat, and there's a good chance you may end up in the pool during your workout.  You'll need to wear some type of moisture wicking or quick dry fabric -- it doesn't have to be a swim suit, but that's your choice.  We do not recommend cotton fabrics.  We suggest conservative swimwear or lycra material workout clothing.  Don't forget to bring a pool towel and change of clothes!
  • Bare feet! You will workout barefooted.  Wear sandals, flip flops, or pool shoes between the locker room and pool deck. 
  • Your workout will last about 30 minutes, but plan on class lasting 45 minutes so that everyone has time to get acquainted with their boards, receive safety instructions, and get an introduction to the workout. 
  • An intense workout! This is probably a workout unlike any you've ever experienced.  It will challenge your muscles for a full body workout. 
  • A fun time! This workout is going to fly -- ehmm, float--by so fast, and we promise you'll have a good time. 


Because participation is limited to the number of boards available, pre-registration is highly encouraged.  To reserve your board for a class, call or stop by the front desk.  Registration is open 24 hours in advance of each class and must be completed at least 1 hour before class begins. Call 910-596-5400 to reach the front desk. 

Participation Restriction

This class is not recommended for women who are pregnant or who have recently been pregnant. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted.  In accordance with our membership release of liability, we advise consulting with your physician before beginning this or any other fitness program.  

We recommend all participants be able to swim and have a comfort level in water chest deep. 



Good news! If you are a member of The Center for Health + Wellness, Hydro Active classes are part of your membership.  Just don't forget to pre-register so we can save a board when you plan to attend class. 


Non-members may participate for a $25 fee per class; registration required. Arrive early to complete your Release of Liability form before participating. 

Temporary Guest Passes (day, week, month passes)

Due to the limited number of boards available per class, it is not included as part of courtesy, day, week, or month passes.  Temporary Pass Guests are welcome to participate by registering at the Non-Member Rate (above). 

Group Rates

Enjoy working out with a group? Want to schedule a training session for a team, club, or hobby group? We are glad to schedule private classes and offer group discount rates for classes of 5 or more participants.  A Boga Fit-trained instructor is present during all group events. 

Groups of 5 or 6     $100/120
Groups of 7 or 8     $119/136
Groups of 9 or 10   $135/150

Cancellation Policy

In the event that we must cancel class due to pool closure (hazardous conditions, service or repairs), non-members who have paid the registration fee will be offered a rain check for one class held on a future date/time.  Members will have first option for registration during the next available class.  If it is determined that the pool will be closed for a period of time exceeding one month, registered participants will be offered a full refund. 

Members who have pre-registered for a class should inform the front desk if they intend to cancel.  Please honor this policy so that we can make your board available to someone else.  All participants (members and non-members) must cancel no later than 2 hours prior to the start of the class.  Cancellations or no-shows occurring after this deadline will not be eligible for refund or a rain check.