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Tree of Love

The Tree of Love is an annual project of the SRMC Foundation that was started in 1989 by the Sampson County Medical Society Alliance.  The SRMC Foundation took ownership of the Tree of Love project from the Medical Ladies Auxiliary group in 2006.  Since that time, more than $100,000 has been raised to support various hospital projects, including medical equipment, waiting area renovations, a skilled nursing day room, and employee tuition assistance.  

The Tree of Love is illuminated on the first Sunday in December, and the lights continue to burn each night throughout the month of December.  Each light on the Tree of Love is dedicated to the honor or memory of someone special, and they collectively represent gifts of caring and remembrance each Christmas season.  Lights on the tree and the star are symbolically purchased contributions.  

Gifts for the Tree of Love are accepted throughout the year, and acknowledgements are sent to the honorees or the families of any memorial contributions.  

How to Make a Donation: 

  1. Complete and mail this form to the Foundation office with your contribution, or
  2. Donate Online by completing the online contribution and payment form.

Foundation Office:  910-596-5422
Email the Foundation

The 2018 Tree of Love will honor Sampson Regional Healthcare Professionals, with grateful appreciation for their commitment to the hospital and the healthcare of our community.  While many people rode out Hurricane Florence in their homes or with the comfort of family, the staff at Sampson Regional left theirs behind to care for our community.  Not only did they work and sleep many days in the hospital, but their already long days became more exhausting as Hurricane Florence imposed many challenges — such as power outages, difficulty transporting patients, and preservation of resources.  Still, they wore smiles to hide tears and put their skills to work, setting aside their own worries of home to care for patients.  These people are the everyday heroes of Sampson Regional, and they are thanked, commended, and honored through the Tree of Love for their sacrifices and dedication. 

Donations toward this year’s Tree of Love will be designated toward upgrading digital mammography to include 3-D breast imaging (tomosynthesis). Three dimensional mammography images the breasts from more angles than 2D, increasing the early detection of abnormalities and reducing the number of false positives.  *All proceeds in excess of project needs will be designated toward the Foundation’s general fund.  The annual lighting ceremony will be held on Sunday, December 2, 2018, at 4:00 pm on the lawn of the Woodside Professional Building, followed by a reception in the front lobby of the hospital.  The public is warmly invited to celebrate this tradition with the Foundation.  Contributions may be made in honor or in memory of your family and friends or in honor of Sampson Regional Healthcare Professionals.