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The Stories of Every Day Heroes!

Our Every Day Heroes Need Help! If you are looking for a way to assist people in our community devastated by Hurricane Florence, please consider giving to the Sampson Regional Foundation.

While many people rode out Hurricane Florence in their homes or with the comfort of family, our staff left theirs behind to care for our community. Not only did they work and sleep many days in the hospital, their already long days became more exhausting as Hurricane Florence imposed many challenges -- such as power outages, difficulty transporting patients, and preservation of resources. 

Still, they wore smiles to hide tears and put their skills to work, setting aside their own worries of home to care for patients. 
Sadly, many of our employees have suffered devastating or catastrophic damage to their homes. One of our nurses learned about the loss of her home when she saw a picture flash across the news channel. She continued her duties, honored the oath she took as a nurse, and cared for her patients despite knowing she lost everything. 

Another came home after vacation with her family to newly built home under water. Without even a pair of scrubs to wear, she reported to work, dressed in borrowed garments, and took her patient assignments.

These, among many, are the stories of every day heroes at Sampson Regional Medical Center. And we are asking for your help so that we can assist them in rebuilding their homes.

The Sampson Regional Medical Center Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.